Boarding at Mountaintop Ranch

Overnight Horse Motel for the Traveling Horse

Luxury Horse Motel.  Overnight stall board with adjoining exercise run with exquisite views and fresh mountain air.  $45 per night...use of round pen, wash rack and horse walker.  (Hauling truck must have 4WD)


All boarding services include use of all trails, the riding arena, and round pens when not in use by the trainer.

Prices include holding for Farrier and aiding the Veterinarian.

(Prices do not include cost of shoeing, medical expenses, or extra feed supplements.)

Summer (April - October) Pasture Board (includes all grass, loose mineral supplements, access to shelters, and checking on horse once a day.) - $450/month 

All of the above PLUS once daily grain feeding - $550/month or daily rate of $18.00

Winter (November - March) Pasture Board (includes large round bales of orchard grass hay, once daily grain feeding, loose mineral supplements, outdoor shelters.) - $550/month 

Full Stall Board (includes daily turnout, all hay, feed, water, bedding, and hold for routine and emergency vet and farrier care, daily grooming and weekly baths and clipping) - $650/month 
Stall Board 
for stallions is $750 per month.

Lay-Up Board (24-hour stall rest when injury is sustained and daily treatments as necessary. Treatment and bandaging are charged extra. Board includes twice-daily stall cleaning and once-daily stall stripping, and grooming time to break up boredom. All horses will have an opportunity to see outside.) - $25/day ($50/day for stallion care and stalls with runs)

Boarders may sign up their horses for exercising/riding by the trainer

Riding Lessons by Appointment Only 

Training is $895/month
Includes full board. Horses in training are ridden 5 days per week and one lesson a week is included in the training package.