Come Join Us For a Wilderness Trail Ride

The long vistas are part of a Blue Ridge Mountain Riding Experience.
Enjoy the close-up view of the rugged mountains and pastoral landscapes


Welcome to Mountaintop Ranch!

Mountaintop Ranch literally stands above the rest, high atop the Blue Ridge Mountains and adjacent to Shenandoah National Park. Mountaintop Ranch is a veritable gourmet feast for the horse lover.

A visit to this world class horse ranch can find you riding high on a wilderness horseback trail...admiring an outstanding, award winning stallion...laughing over the antics of newborn foals out to pasture with their mothers... or checking out the latest training techniques being used by Mountaintop trainers.

Want to ride the Sky High Trails of the Blue Ridge Mountains?
Looking for a horse to ride for pleasure or show?
Or maybe, looking to breed a mare of your own?
Needing a trainer that is versatile in both english and western?
Would you like to board your horse and take lessons?

How about a workshop that helps you handle the horse you already own?


"God forbid that I should go to any heaven where there are no horses." - Ruth Cunningham Graham

"Although I have purchased a lot of horses in my time, I had NEVER bought one sight unseen... that is until I purchased my 3-year-old Paint from you. When the transport trailer opened, out stepped a well-trained, beautiful horse that would in short order, become my trusted mount and best friend. Thanks for the great work and fantastic horse!!"
John Calhoun & Champ   
Eagle, Colorado