Foals - 2014 Nursery

All foals are sold with a Foal Contract. 50% of selling price is due upon purchase. The foals sale price includes guarantying the foal to be healthy, sound and fully imprinted. All foals will halter,stand tied, lead,trailer load, pick up feet, allow clippers,sacking out with plastic and spritzing. The foal may remain at the ranch until weaned or 6 months of age. Should the foal become severely injured,lame or die during this time...all monies will be returned to the buyer. The foal will be well cared for and checked on twice daily while at the ranch. The remaining 50% of purchase is due when the foal is picked up to go home. It's as easy as that!
Lydia Cunningham

No foals are currently being sold at the moment. Check back soon as we always have new horses being sold.